1 Year

1 Year Courses

The 1 year courses  are suitable for anyone interested and actively exploring careers in the fields of fashion, interior and graphics, or those simply wanting to gain new skills and knowledge in these areas.

Diploma in Interior Designing

Whether it’s working on the transformation of an existing property or contributing to an extensive construction project, the services of a well-trained interior designer are in consistently high demand.

The course is intended for individuals who love structuring and adorning homes and indoor spaces.

This course with integrated foundation aims to prepare you for a professional and creative career as an interior designer while immersing yourself in project based activities.

This bespoke training will prepare you for a creative career across a wide range of sectors including commercial, residential, exhibition and installation and places of leisure and culture.


Garment Manufacturing & Fashion Designing

This course makes you dive into the ever evolving world of fashion while nurturing  your creativity. It provides a rigorous grounding in the practical and technical skills needed for career success, exposing you to the real demands and practices of the fashion industry.


This certificate course in Garment Manufacturing and Fashion Design deals with the basic development of each candidates artistic, technical, theoretical and presentation skills.


The course strengthens on practical industry oriented training to demonstrate individual style while being challenged to innovate to the highest standards.


Art Group

This Arts Program focuses on nurturing contemporary artists who can apply their aesthetic, cultural and intellectual merits to their communities and the global world at large. Having access to a diverse guidance of renowned and accomplished artists who will provide you with professional mentorship while fostering novel expression and independent thinking.


Handcraft & Design

Indian craftsmanship has gained immense popularity on the global map and has become an essential aspect of design due to its rich heritage and intricate detailing.

This course will enable you to explore a range of visual research methodologies, design processes and experimental approaches to drawing, fabric manipulation and mixed media materials; to inform your emerging practice of hand embroidery.

Handcraft is a dynamic subject that opens up a wide range of exciting career opportunities. Graduates work as hand embroidery artisans for Haute Couture, costume embroiderers for film and TV, embroidery designers for interiors and exhibiting textile artists.


Professional Certificate in Graphic Designing

This course is designed for individuals interested in exploring the endless possibilities of how words and images interact. Perfect for students, business owners, creative individuals working in a corporate world and those keen to craft a graphic identity. This is an opportunity to expand your portfolio and become familiar the fundamentals of Graphic Designing.

This course offers you the opportunity to enhance your creative potential through exploratory design initiatives, be it paper, web, digital, animation or print. You will determine your own preferred specialisation within the wide range of graphic design practice.