Fashion, as the name suggests, is always related to wearing something which is in trend and when someone guides you accordingly, the person is known as a fashion designer. Fashion designers, change the concept of thinking for the people around. They initiate the entire process of making a garment from scratch. To become a successful fashion designer there are a few things which you should always keep in mind. It will help you excel in life.


1. Creativity-

The most important point is creativity. You need to create new design everyday with feasibility of your customers. Customers are always in need of new designs with less money spent. After the pandemic, online shopping is the best option which range from low to high price range with variations in color, texture and design. So, my mantra is BE CREATIVE.

2. Good Communication Skills-

Communication skill is required to understand your clients need. You have to be expressive, impressive and communicate what you are going to design. So, my mantra is BE COMMUNICATIVE.


As a designer you need to visualize what exactly the customer needs and how to incorporate it in your own terms. When a customer needs a proper idea from you regarding the design, you should be able to visualize and help the person understand and put the same in the design.  So, my mantra is BE CREATIVE TO VISUALISE THE DESIGN.

4. Decision Making Power-

Designers should have the power to make decisions. Then and there they should decide regarding the details of fabric, color, embroidery, choice of silhouette. So, my mantra is BE DECISIVE.

5. Artistic Ability-

A designer should be an accomplished illustrator to convert the ideas of the client from thinking to paper If you are not an illustrator, then hire one so that it becomes easy for everyone to understand the details of the client’s requirement. So, my mantra is to use your ARTISTIC ABILITY.


Designers should have the knowledge of ongoing fashion trends which includes fabrics, silhouettes, different types of textures. So, my mantra is FOLLOW THE TREND WHICH IS GOING ON.


A designer should know the nuances of handling the entire team who works behind the design. It includes the fabric person, the master, tailor, people who are doing the packaging. If people work together in a team, it will help everyone. So, my mantra is to WORK IN UNISON.


It is compulsory especially after the pandemic to execute the design properly by the use of computers. Web designers handle it pretty well. So, by the use of computer one can put textures, the same look as the actual garment, which becomes easy for the client to understand. So, my mantra is TO HAVE GOOD COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE.

9. Strong surviving Skills-

To survive, you need to have the patience or acceptance for the same. Always one can’t just think regarding progress, failure is a part of life. You need to have patience to handle when situation is not too good. So, my mantra is to SURVIVE WITH PATIENCE.

10.Competitive Spirit-

You should have a competitive spirit in handling all the situations, be it design or texture or related to someone copying your design. Be in the spirit of handling the pressure. People will definitely try to be better then you, but have that spirit in growing. So my mantra is you should HAVE THE COMPETITIVE SPIRIT.

11.Expand Your Horizon-

You need to come out of your comfort zone and explore the outside world of fashion. Then only you will be able to develop yourself in different horizons. Need to cope up with the competition going on in the market. The trends, the changes. So, my mantra is HORIZON SHOULD BE EXPANDED.

12.Strategy Is Needed-

As the market has too much designs and trends to follow, you need to understand or decide which wear to go in for. So, when you are starting with your own brand select all the ranges right from western, indowestern, Indian and many more to go. So, my mantra is TO STRATEGISE THINGS.

13.Thumbs Up –

Get a tie up with any leading fashion designer so that you can build a name for yourself. So, my mantra is BE ACTIVE


The just of how to become a successful fashion designer, depends upon person to person, as in how to climb the ladder to success in a proper way. If you have the right attitude and you are hardworking, you’ll do good in the field of designing Have the right thinking, focus on the ideas that sell, be a multitasker. As I conclude, it is just the pointers which I gave, you can work on these and put an effort towards stepping the stone. Fashion designing have many branches, as and when you want you can work towards it. You should study yourself and take the decision of which way to go ahead.

Blog written by-

Anamika Banerjee

Senior Faculty Fashion

Dilkap School of Design

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