Small Budget Makeovers

Small Budget Makeovers

Who doesn’t want a beautiful home? But when it comes to makeovers or renovating the house the first thing that pops in mind is BUDGET if I say it in technical terms its Cost Estimate or Quotation. Doing things on budget comes with its Advantages and Disadvantage. Let’s talk about the Advantages first it will help you develop more creative ideas and guide you what exactly is required to redo your space getting more closer to research and development. The biggest disadvantages are high cost and sorting thing out from your current space which are usable and thrown away. You might be new in designing your space or may be a professional so HOW DO YOU START? First get your self-organized, start sectioning your space for instance let’s take a house. Chalk down the requirements, start collecting ideas and it is absolutely not at all wrong to have a reference from any of the mediums but ideas can be redeveloped into your own style. Set a budget for every space of the house and always be open to DIY ideas as this DO IT YOUR SELF will be most effective and less hard on your pocket.

Let’s talk about the things that will help you beautify your space but in a low cost and how effectively you can utilize it? Paint it has always been a tricky part, to choose colour for the house and on a budget honestly, it’s difficult to pull off but there’s always a way out you can create a focal point rather by doing an accent wall with some abstract pattern using Abro tape, use of stencil to create a beautiful pattern, decals and ready to stick stickers which will help enhance the boring dull walls. A tip for all when selecting a colour for your house if you cannot come to conclusion, it is always best to opt for Neutral shades as it’s the safest option and you cannot go wrong with it and the best part of neutral shades it blends along really well with all the interior styles. What else you can decorate your wall with try hands on Wall Art, mirrors you can probably do gold leafing or whichever metallic leafing available, adding a shelf will not on give that look but it is will create extra space to mount things (a floating shelf or a crate box), a nice wall clock, canvas painting or a family photos wall will add that warmth. 

Now the most crucial part FURNITURE this is not only essential but when renovating the space, the budget takes a hike here you cannot skip it but definitely smartly redo it to add the new look to your house.

– Paint your furniture create a destress look.
– Hardwood furniture is it always advisable to lacquer polish it.
– Play wood furniture you can always replace the laminate with the new one no need to redo it.
– No need to buy a new sofa just re upholster it, if changing a fabric is not fits into your budget then add some pillows with beautiful cushion covers

Tip: create a cushion covers with old fabric mix match or you can use your old denim.

– Curtains can entirely change the whole look of the house change it very often feels more inviting. 
– Side tables and case furniture a very good option to invest as this not only multifunctional but it’s a must have.

Tip: Changing the placement of furniture every 2months will give a new look to your house.

LIGHTS A house without light is so dull, every space has its own requirements proper light can make or break the look of a house that doesn’t mean you have to shell out your account on fancy illuminators there are number of online sites where you can buy the lights in quantity on a cheaper rate apart from that DIY is best applicable on lights create a hand-crafted light with waste or scrape available. Go for more pendant lights, Edison bulbs etc. When buying lights always remember the difference between the warm lights and the cool lights.

Let’s talk about warm lights and where is it applicable.
– It’s an evening light and usually when put on it promotes relaxation these warm lights are probably applicable in living room where family and friends meet up and have a quality time. Warm light works good in dining area as well, bed rooms and the hallway which enhance the whole area, the main purpose of warm light is to create an ambience with that correct illimitation needed. 

Let’s talk about cool lights or day light and where is it applicable.  
– Cool lights or day lights as the name suggest the function of these lights are to provide proper light vision where there is more work happening it is always advisable to have clean and clear light so that there is no dullness and doesn’t affect the eye sight e.g., working in an office, kitchen, reading a book etc.

BATHROOMS let’s see how you can upgrade it without breaking it…….Thinking of redoing bathroom but can’t spend the amount here’s how you can do it, well doing a bathroom on budget is not easy task but definitely adding few elements to your bathroom can change the look of it add some new warm lights it can be surface light, pendant lights, wall sconce. Add a floating self or an organizer to create a clean look, a planter which will add freshness and will add some colour to the bathroom, use an impressive stone holder and a dispenser etc. Change the old faucets with the new once’s and there are variety of finishes available e.g., metallic, powder coated, ceramic, crystal, copper etc, add a shower curtain. What about the tiles? Well, if you are low on budget, I will not recommend you to change the tile but there is a small tip which will give your bathroom a new and very clean look. Now everyone knows about the grove line that is there when tiles are applied so what you can do is make a fresh white cement thick paste and refill in the grove gaps let it dry and then there you have it the whole bathroom somehow looks newly made.


FLOORS the minute you talk about floors it’s like emptying your whole pocket but I have a trick for everyone without spending much and within a day time you can get rid of the boring looking floor. Now there’s a new trend called wooden flooring but replacing your floor with real hardwood floor or the laminate floor is not a small budget thing so instead of that choose vinyl flooring in wooden texture variety of colour options to choose from installation in one day time with as low as 45rs persqft with installation no need to rip of the floor it’s like placing a carpet and all you have is the new refreshing floor.

KITCHEN when you’re in kitchen you’re happy being said that lets just section wise see how kitchen can be upgraded mostly kitchen is the heavy-duty area, shutters can be repainted if its hard wood, plywood shutters can be laminated again if redoing process is not your thing the you can opt for decal and laminate stickers.Adding shelf to the kitchen makes it more organized and declutter everything. Tip: if it is a small kitchen never add overhead board instead opt for floating shelf by adding these you will create more and open space. Adding planters and more of green will be refreshing create an herb garden not necessary you need to have big space but use of old bottles and crate box where you can plant different herbs and create it more modern and functional kitchen. Forget about store board things lets rearrange the kitchen with our own beautiful crockery now these beauties are not meant to be lying in the cabinets feel free to display it as it’s the best show piece available without spending money. 


  Blog written by:  Ayesha Asgar.  Senior Interior faculty  Dilkap school of design.