Well, this is just a short information about the word origin from WHAT ARE ACCESSORIES? A decorative object that beautifies a space, which adds a finishing touch. One can add value to space by just placing functional pieces. The best part of accessories is that you don’t need to have a well designed house for it to look tasteful for e.g., let’s talk about the ladies in our house i.e moms , wives or grandmothers ,it was their imagination ,concepts and aesthetics that they ornamented their homes beautifully, a simple change in an element at home like just  the curtains or pillow covers , added more value to the grandeur.

But that definitely doesn’t mean that Designers don’t make sense they work technically and professionally with a design sensibility which an amateur won’t get.


It adds value to any deign in terms of texture, colour and aesthetics but there is a catch to it, not any piece or element will add value to your design when buying an accessory, one should know the purpose of buying that particular object whether it will be in harmony to ones design or the particular area. Other than being just a show décor element some accessories are functional as well e.g., floor lamps, planters, throw pillows chandelier, mirrors, candles, clocks and so on.


It adds value to any deign in terms of texture, colour and aesthetics but there is a catch to it, not any piece or element will add value to your design when buying an accessory, one should know the

Now we will just put accessories into categories which will help you understand it in a better way.

(a) Functional

(b) Masterpiece or showpiece

(c) Artefacts


Functional accessories work as décor piece and serve its purpose.


When you need more light these are the best option. A small tip , if there are any dead corners or any negative space and you have no idea what fits in, that’s when floor lamps come in handy.


Generally wall sconces look better on outdoor garden walls or long passage way but things have changed design and ideas have gone to new levels. These little beauties come in variety of designs and the best part is that its an indoor thing. Now as a designer light plays a major part in designing no matter how well you design your space but if you go economical on lights the whole idea is squandered. So, add wall sconces on ones wall and the light that is created forms a pattern through it which serves ones purpose. 


Apart from some non-living objects lets think of adding some living objects as an accessory which will be beneficial both in looks and healthy lifestyle. There are number of options you can choose from such as plants that purify the air, plants with home remedy benefits and experience the beauty in making plants your friend. Believe me talking to plants is healing. When watering a plant make sure you talk to them or sing a song, this will help the plant grow with out stress and yes plants do get stressed out. 


The word itself means the pillow which is on the floor. This is not your regular size pillow but the once which is big and comfy which you can randomly place it on the floor and relax. This is the best option when you have friends or family coming. 


Masterpiece or showpiece: Masterpieces or showpieces are something that are on display and attracts attention. According to me showpieces are the luxury items. Swarovski centre piece ,metal products made from brass, copper, silver ware, even woods and bamboo. One has to be very careful buying these masterpiece as they are not very economical and not easy to maintain.  


Artefacts are the products which are manmade and century old tradition. A small thing a designer friend told me which eventually changed the whole bargaining concept in my mind was that when it comes to artisans work or artefacts, one should  never bargain because it’s the age long tradition and skills that goes in making hand made pieces are challenging. So next time when you buy a traditional artisan work piece, please make sure you do justice to that work.

Sculptures and statues


Ceramics and pottery

Tapestries so on.

These décor items required patience, accuracy and long working hours which eventually is passed on by generations to master the skills. One can never go wrong with artefacts. As a designer this hand made products can easily blend with any styles and design as long as you are creating a museum out of it.

When buying accessories invest in things which really catch your eye. Never pick anything randomly.  Accessories are meant to be displayed and not to be kept in case furniture. There is a myth that accessories look good only when space is designed properly but actually accessories are the most safe and economical option to redo your space. Last but not the least you don’t have to always buy your accessories, you can also diy and upcycle your old products to a completely new thing.

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Ayesha Asgar