About this course

Our 3-month Illustration & Portfolio Making Course provides the foundation for mastering fashion illustration and crafting a compelling portfolio that showcases your unique design style.

Throughout the program, participants explore the essentials of fashion illustration, learning various techniques and styles to bring designs to life on paper. From basic figure sketching to detailed garment rendering, students receive comprehensive instruction to enhance their illustrative skills and effectively communicate design concepts visually.

Additionally, students learn portfolio creation, curating a collection of their best work to highlight their strengths and versatility as fashion illustrator. Through hands-on projects and personalised feedback, participants gain practical guidance on assembling a professional portfolio that resonates with potential employers and clients.

By the course's conclusion, graduates emerge with a polished portfolio demonstrating readiness for careers in fashion illustration, graphic design, or related fields. Whether pursuing work in the industry, freelancing, or furthering studies, participants are equipped with the tools and confidence for a successful creative journey.


  • Specialized focus on fashion illustration techniques.
  • Create a professional portfolio to showcase your design capabilities.

Career Opportunities

  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Portfolio Consultant
  • Branding and Visual Merchandising Specialist

International Exposure and Projects

Participate in projects that emphasise illustration and portfolio development, collaborating with students from international institutes. Receive feedback from industry experts to refine your artistic skills and stay updated on global design trends.

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