Graphic Designing


Diploma in Graphic Designing

Graphic Designers communicate visually through a combination of topography, illustration, typography, photography, and any other visual communication method. They design things like ads, product packaging, motion graphics, editorials, and a host of other products that require a message.


Graphic artists employ all their skills to make sure a message gets across to the public, whether it’s something simple like a business card or a web page for a business. Graphic design requires a discerning eye and knowledge of the tools that make building graphic design projects possible.


It is suitable for those wishing to discover and practice the fundamental principles of communication via the combination of text and image, perhaps as a first step into a new area of study, or simply to exercise an enquiring mind in a two-dimensional arena.


Perfect for those wishing to study the subject at a high level or for those who eager to widen their skills and exercise an enquiring mind.


3rd Year (Optional) – Obtaining hands on practical experience is as essential as learning theoretical knowledge. Along with a live industry project and then helping candidates design and execute their first project, for one of its kind platforms, we at DSOD have curated a Retail Space dedicated to our students exclusively to showcase their final products and get a head start in their careers.



Handcraft & Design

Indian craftsmanship has gained immense popularity on the global map and has become an essential aspect of design due to its rich heritage and intricate detailing.

This course will enable you to explore a range of visual research methodologies, design processes and experimental approaches to drawing, fabric manipulation and mixed media materials; to inform your emerging practice of hand embroidery.

Handcraft is a dynamic subject that opens up a wide range of exciting career opportunities. Graduates work as hand embroidery artisans for Haute Couture, costume embroiderers for film and TV, embroidery designers for interiors and exhibiting textile artists.


Professional Certificate in Graphic Designing

This course is designed for individuals interested in exploring the endless possibilities of how words and images interact. Perfect for students, business owners, creative individuals working in a corporate world and those keen to craft a graphic identity. This is an opportunity to expand your portfolio and become familiar the fundamentals of Graphic Designing.

This course offers you the opportunity to enhance your creative potential through exploratory design initiatives, be it paper, web, digital, animation or print. You will determine your own preferred specialisation within the wide range of graphic design practice.



Basic Graphic Designing

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving. Visual communication is a broad spectrum that includes signs, typography, drawing, graphic design, illustration, industrial design, advertising, animation, color, and electronic resources.


Get familiar with the concept of graphic design as well as an understanding of visual relationships that can help you communicate a direct and coherent message.