About this course

The 6-month Sustainable Living Course is meticulously designed to cultivate a deep understanding of eco-conscious interior design principles. Throughout the program, students embark on an immersive journey into the integration of sustainable practices, materials, and cutting-edge technologies. By delving into these critical components, students not only acquire the necessary knowledge but also develop the skills to conceptualize and create interiors that prioritize environmental responsibility.

From exploring renewable energy sources to studying the life cycle of materials, students gain a holistic perspective on sustainable living. Through hands-on projects and experiential learning opportunities, they are empowered to apply their newfound knowledge in practical settings. By leveraging innovative design strategies and sustainable solutions, students learn to transform spaces into eco-friendly environments that promote health, well-being, and environmental stewardship.


  • Focus on sustainable practices, materials, and technologies.
  • Exploration of green building standards and energy-efficient solutions.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can pursue roles such as:

  • Sustainable Interior Designers
  • Green Building Consultants
  • Environmental Design Specialists

Exposure and Projects

Students get the opportunity to engage in projects with an international sustainability focus, connecting with global initiatives for eco-friendly design.

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