About this course

Our Garment Manufacturing & Fashion Design course is meticulously planned to cater to individuals aspiring for a holistic understanding of the garment production process and fashion design principles. This dynamic program is tailored to provide a comprehensive exploration, spanning from the initial stages of conceptualisation to the final stages of production, ensuring that graduates emerge well-equipped for a myriad of roles within the fashion industry.


Throughout this course, students delve into the intricacies of garment manufacturing, gaining insights into the various techniques, processes, and technologies involved in bringing fashion concepts to life. From understanding fabric selection and pattern drafting to mastering sewing techniques and quality control measures, students are exposed to every facet of the production pipeline.


In parallel, the curriculum delves deep into fashion design principles, fostering creativity, innovation, and artistic expression. Students explore diverse design aesthetics, trend forecasting, and fashion styling, honing their skills in conceptualising and translating ideas into tangible fashion pieces. Moreover, emphasis is placed on understanding market dynamics, consumer behaviour, and sustainability considerations, ensuring that graduates possess a well-rounded understanding of the industry landscape.


  • In-depth curriculum covering garment manufacturing and fashion design principles.
  • Hands-on experience in the entire production process through practical projects.
  • Faculty comprising seasoned professionals offering industry-relevant training aligned with current trends and practices.
  • Access to cutting-edge machinery, tools, and software for garment manufacturing and fashion design.
  • Practical projects for hands-on experience in the entire production process.

Career Opportunities

  • Fashion Designer
  • Production Manager
  • Pattern Maker
  • Fashion Merchandiser

Exposure and Projects

Participate in collaborative projects with international organisations, gaining exposure to diverse design perspectives. Receive valuable feedback from industry professionals to enhance your skills and stay updated on global trends.

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