Fashion Designing


Diploma in Fashion Technology

The Fashion Designing course in Mumbai, is a comprehensive program aimed at fulfilling the dream of students wanting to enter the world of fashion and turning their passion into a profession.

This intensive specialisation program is led by the experienced teachers and special guests who are fashion designer and industry experts.
The innovative teaching methods are a mix of traditional lectures, practical workshops, personal researches, experimentation, peer to peer presentations and various manufacturing and store visits, leading students to become creative, analytical, imaginative and excellent technicians preparing them to the possibility of an fashion designing international career.

3rd Year (Optional)- Obtaining hands on practical experience is as essential as learning theoretical knowledge. Along with a live industry project and then helping candidates design and execute their first fashion designing project, we at DSOD have curated one-of-its kind Retail Space, a pioneer platform dedicated to our students, to exclusively showcase their final products and empower them to get a head start in their careers.



Garment Manufacturing & Fashion Designing

This fashion designing course makes you dive into the ever evolving world of fashion designing while nurturing  your creativity. It provides a rigorous grounding in the practical and technical skills needed for career success, exposing you to the real demands and practices of the fashion designing industry.

This certificate course in Garment Manufacturing and Fashion Design deals with the basic development of each candidates artistic, technical, theoretical and presentation skills.

The course strengthens on practical industry oriented training to demonstrate individual style while being challenged to innovate to the highest standards.


Handcraft & Design

Handcraft & Design is an innovative fashion designing course to develop human resources for the craft sector.The idea of the course is to evolve a sustained program of growth and development for both craftsperson and craft sector in an integrated manner.

To generate requisite knowledge, to upgrade relevant skills and to foster right attitudes in order to develop high quality, motivated human resource, in a vibrant climate of experimentation and modernization


Art Group

This Arts Program focuses on nurturing contemporary artists who can apply their aesthetic, cultural and intellectual merits to their communities and the global world at large. Having access to a diverse guidance of renowned and accomplished artists who will provide you with professional mentorship while fostering novel expression and independent thinking.



Sustainable Living

Sustainability is now a mainstream issue in today’s day and age

It is the first fashion designing course in Mumbai, that equips you with a practical framework for identifying and evaluating the relative performance of sustainability. Sustainable design aims to balance aesthetics and functionality with choices that reduce the environmental impact of designs.

At the end of the program, you will not only have your fully developed sustainability plan for lasting change, but will also be equipped with applicable tools and insights on driving performance and innovation through a coherent sustainability strategy and make it an integral part of your lifestyle.


Elements in Garment Making & Fashion Designing

This exciting 6 month fashion designing course will enable the students to explore the creative process in relation to the fashion industry through its various stages.
This course is perfect for you if you’re a creative visual thinker and have a flair for drawing, textiles and concept design.
This course is delivered through a range of exciting projects combining theoretical elements with practical, creative processes which will enable you to understand your individual style while being challenged to innovate to the highest standards required for the huge range of roles and opportunities in fashion and creative design industries.


Texturing and Surface Ornamentation

India has been a pioneer in surface ornamentation since centuries by virtue of its rich cultural heritage and nuances, right from the north known for its intricate Kashmiri thread work to the south for its zari work.

These extraordinary crafts have become an essential element in development techniques worldwide and attractive for designer opportunities abroad.
This is a one of its kind fashion designing course in Mumbai, designed to develop your creativity to add value to the fabrics with the help of stitch craft, embroidery, texturing and more. The idea of the course is to equip students with in-depth knowledge of and skills in creating all forms of garment embroidery, embellishments and textures, to enhance the story of the collection.



Illustrations and portfolio making

This fashion designing course is designed for all those who have an inclination towards fashion designing. It will deepen your understanding of what illustration is and the relevance of various boards in the process of design development. It will help you master a range of fundamental drawing techniques. It will also guide you to develop your own style and how to develop a strong portfolio required for university applications and for job opportunities.


Resin Art & Mould Making

Resin and Mould Making has gained much popularity in today’s day and age as you can develop your personal style through this art and create professional looking paintings, fashion accessories and home décor products with beautiful & waterproof glass like surfaces.

This fashion designing course will help you with all the knowledge and technical skills required to create stunning artwork along with an understanding of types of resin and moulds and learning experimental approaches to its uses.